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CorpJock showcases people at their very best - in terms of athleticism, playfulness, sensuality, and - above all - a confidence that draws the attention of anyone who cares to watch. Where ever you go, you are in the midst of a CorpJock.

It's the executive in the boardroom, whose CorpJock presence is just underneath that business suit. It's that college athlete at the gym, who pushes himself to excel in his sport.

Or you may find a CorpJock among your weekend warrior friends, where she's blowing off steam after a long week of managing her household. 
Anyone can show off his and her CorpJock - and I am happy to help that image shine as sensually, athletically, and confidently as it should!


"A jock by any other name would smell of sweat." - CorpJock

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